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Flat Data

Flat Data eschews the complexity of many tools in the data/ETL space in favor of something simple and flexible enough for many workloads, but which requires no user-maintained infrastructure.

7 min • 9/1/2021, 2:04:09 PM

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Semantic Web of Linked Data deployment using Soc...

Last weekend marked the 10 year anniversary of the introduction of Hashtags to Twitter. They soon propagated to other social media enclaves such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

? min • 8/18/2021, 10:01:51 AM

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Generating a Knowledge Graph comprising Linked D...

On a good day, a Knowledge Graph is misperceived as a “nice to have” aspect of the Web that’s rife with pitfalls en route to realization. To address problem outlined above, we created service called URIBurner.

5 min • 8/18/2021, 9:46:19 AM

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Better Indexes Through Semantic Modeling: A Sket...

Over the past year or so, I’ve been sporadic with my daily journaling practice owing to a number of new note-taking and memory systems consuming my time.

28 min • 8/13/2021, 7:37:35 PM

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Eclectic Spacewalk #2 - Systems Thinking

What’s Next? I am a system and a complex one at that. You are a complex system as well, dear reader. I am going to pose a very straightforward and simple question: What else is a system? Although it will sound hyperbolic, my answer would be just about everything in reality.

28 min • 8/12/2021, 6:08:57 PM

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Music Generation Using Deep Learning

This case-study focuses on generating music automatically using Recurrent Neural Network(RNN). We do not necessarily have to be a music expert in order to generate music. Even a non expert can generate a decent quality music using RNN.

12 min • 5/13/2021, 8:42:30 AM

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Geef les op een zomerschool, verander de toekoms...

De ondertekenaars van deze open brief verbinden zich ertoe deze zomer minstens een week les te geven aan kansarme kinderen in zomerscholen. Een kleine investering van onze eigen tijd kan een groot verschil maken voor de toekomst van onze kinderen, economie en maatschappij.

5 min • 5/4/2021, 11:31:08 AM

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Last.FM Advanced Scrobbling Stats

A few weeks ago, I highlighted some cool online tools that utilized the Last.FM API to visualize and analyze your listening history. At a high level, those tools provided interesting and visually stimulating ways to dig into the wealth of data that Last.FM provided.

5 min • 5/2/2021, 4:36:16 PM

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Analyzing 8 years of my music history with SQL

Ever heard an album or a song for the first time and loved it so much you played it on repeat for three days straight? I wanted to dig into my listening history to find out which songs I loved, got sick of, and forgot about for years. Good thing I use obsessively. Last.

? min • 5/2/2021, 4:31:42 PM

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Webmentions Backup Tool

Last night I finally found some time to add the one thing my whole setup was lacking since the move: backups of incoming webmentions. As explained in the linked post, I decided to use to process incoming webmentions so I don’t have to store them on my site.

? min • 5/1/2021, 11:11:59 AM

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Equity for Software Engineers at Big Tech and St...

A growing number of startups and Big Tech companies offer equity - stocks, options, and others - as part of software engineering compensation. However, I've noticed few engineers understand what these mean.

24 min • 4/23/2021, 4:53:53 PM

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Color Analysis of Bandcamp Album Cover Art

The internet has allowed any artist to share their work with the world, and in many cases be paid for it. This is mostly a recent development, with the creation of online marketplaces, and patronage services. The defining marketplace for the indie music scene on the internet is Bandcamp.

11 min • 4/22/2021, 8:40:26 AM

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Webmentions: Joining the IndieWeb

Finally! I’m very excited to have webmentions up and running (I hope). I’ve been planning to support webmentions on here since before I launched this site and I think I have it working. It’s a little bit hard to test before you launch the thing, so I guess we’ll see.

3 min • 4/18/2021, 1:52:18 PM

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Experimenting with Webmention

Webmention is a simple way to notify any URL when you mention it on your site. From the receiver’s perspective, it’s a way to request notifications when other sites mention it. The idea I have in mind is having a personal timeline (like on Twitter) and post my own content here.

? min • 4/18/2021, 1:46:14 PM

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Automatically sending Webmentions from a static ...

This is a platform agnostic service that will check a given URL for links to other sites, discover if they support webmentions, then send a webmention to the target.

3 min • 4/18/2021, 1:44:52 PM

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Indie web building blocks

I was back in Nürnberg last week for the second border:none. Joschi tried an interesting format for this year’s event.

8 min • 4/18/2021, 1:30:19 PM

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The Whimsical Web

The web needs to take itself less seriously. It's barely out of its twenties and suddenly it's all like "I can't make fansites for hippos anymore, I have businesses to run". It used to be cooler. It used to be weirder.

? min • 4/18/2021, 1:15:25 PM

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Webmention Analytics

I'm a fan of webmentions. I've written about how to use them before, and I'm quite happy with having them on my site. However, it can get difficult to see what’s going on with them - especially if there’s a lot of “background noise”.

? min • 4/18/2021, 10:37:49 AM

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Scheduling Deploys with GitHub Actions

Leveraging GitHub Workflows’ Scheduled Events (read: cronjobs that run on GitHub) the folks at De Voorhoede let their static site automatically be rebuilt overnight. They do this because they have some external content, which doesn’t get committed into the repo, included on their site.

? min • 4/18/2021, 10:01:40 AM

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Webmentions on a static site with GitHub Actions...

Sebastian his website supports Webmentions. To show these on his website he used a tad of JS to display them underneath each page. Not being 100% happy with that flow, he sought a better way to implement these …

? min • 4/18/2021, 10:00:19 AM

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Webmentions on a static site with GitHub Actions...

Last year, I added webmentions to this blog. To recap, webmentions are a web standard to create a network of comments, likes, and reposts between ordinary sites. I set up a account to poll Twitter for webmentions targetting my blog, and I caught them with

4 min • 4/18/2021, 9:58:58 AM

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Sending your First Webmention from Scratch

Webmention is one of the fundamental indieweb building blocks. It enables rich interactions between websites, like posting a comment or favorite on one site from another site.

6 min • 4/17/2021, 1:32:09 PM

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GitHub Action Hero: Nikita Sobolev

The GitHub community is capable of incredible things. GitHub Actions is just one of our newest tools made available to developers around the world. Automate your workflow, and take control of your code! Check out our latest story from one of our earliest GitHub Actions adopters.

4 min • 4/10/2021, 5:21:14 PM

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Elon Musk reveals cause of mysterious Starship e...

SpaceX boss Elon Musk has blamed a “relatively small” methane leak for causing the latest Starship test to end in a mid-flight explosion.

? min • 4/6/2021, 2:41:32 PM

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Mutable vs Immutable Objects in Python

Everything in Python is an object. And what every newcomer to Python should quickly learn is that all objects in Python can be either mutable or immutable. Lets dive deeper into the details of it… Since everything in Python is an Object, every variable holds an object instance.

5 min • 4/5/2021, 10:10:46 AM

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Build a Serverless API in seconds on Vercel with...

Having a personal server can have a lot of advantages, but also a lot of weakness: You are running a server all the time, even when no one is using your product. You have to pay, sometimes a lot. You have to configure everything yourself and do some sysadmin work.

3 min • 3/25/2021, 9:11:33 PM

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Using Git for Database: Why It Works and How to ...

As you modify and redistribute your database, it is important to keep track of changes using a version control system (or VCS). One of the most popular open source VCSs is Git, which allows the programmers to easily track changes over time, preventing costly mistakes.

3 min • 3/25/2021, 6:23:53 PM

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What if… hosting sources, website and database o...

Recently I have been working on a small project (a World of Warcraft addon, I may talk about it when it’s finished) and I found out that I needed to have a website to access a database and allow people help me to add simple data in it.

5 min • 3/25/2021, 6:23:09 PM

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Using a self-rewriting README powered by GitHub ...

I’ve started tracking TILs—Today I Learneds—inspired by this five-year-and-counting collection by Josh Branchaud on GitHub (found via Hacker News).

5 min • 3/25/2021, 5:54:56 PM

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Building a self-updating profile README for GitH...

GitHub quietly released a new feature at some point in the past few days: profile READMEs. Create a repository with the same name as your GitHub account (in my case that’s, add a README.

3 min • 3/25/2021, 5:46:43 PM

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Outgrowing software

Source: Walmart

? min • 3/21/2021, 5:30:01 PM

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Where Do Indexing Projects Come From?

An average set of historical records goes through many preliminary steps before it can be indexed by volunteers. Here is a summary of the path projects take on the way to indexing and publication: There are a lot of historical records in the world.

? min • 3/2/2021, 10:19:09 AM

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OTA Insight Case Study

In 2014, OTA Insight looked to rebuild its infrastructure with an emphasis on scaling quickly and reliably without draining the startup’s limited resources. To do that, it turned to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

? min • 2/25/2021, 3:45:13 PM

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Hoe deze Gentse scale-up razendsnel internationa...

De Gentse scale-up OTA Insight, in 2013 opgericht door Matthias Geeroms, Adriaan Coppens en Gino Engels, heeft de wind in de zeilen. In amper zes jaar tijd groeide het businessidee van het drietal uit tot een gevestigde waarde in de hotelsector.

6 min • 2/25/2021, 3:19:50 PM

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My Year in Data: a Visual Reflection on 2019

If you lurk in the shadows of the data viz world, you’re no doubt familiar with this kind of exercise. Health and productivity apps offer more ways to track daily data than ever before.

8 min • 1/31/2021, 5:01:46 PM

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My Quantified Self Setup

The number one question I get asked on Twitter these days is how I get the data for my media consumption posts and quantified self reports. So I thought I’d dedicate this week’s post to explain my tracking setup.

5 min • 1/31/2021, 5:01:45 PM

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Building a personal data warehouse in Snowflake ...

I’ve always wanted to build a personal data warehouse and after watching Simon Willison’s talk, I got the motivation to finally build it out. In case you aren’t familiar with the term “data warehouse”, it’s basically a database that centralizes your data to be used for analysis.

14 min • 1/31/2021, 5:01:43 PM